Has Your Faith Been Injured?

Intensive Faith Therapy is a program designed to strengthen your faith through mastering principles based on the Bible and other books which support biblical theories.  In Intensive Faith Therapy, you will learn the true biblical connection between what you BELIEVE and what you RECEIVE.  Many people have believed God to the best of their abilities, yet they have not received what they expected from God. As a result, their faith has been hurt and injured and they feel that God has not delivered on His promises.

That is the furthest thing from the truth.  God has already delivered on His promises.  That's right.  He has already provided everything we need by grace.  Not only in the substance in place, the process for us to receive it is already in place.  We just need to learn the process.

For instance, healing has been provided by Jesus on Calvary.  We are told in Bible that by the stripes of Jesus, we WERE (past tense) healed.  So how do we receive that healing?  What is the process?  What about prosperity, peace, love, etc?  If you share in waiting to know the answers to these questions, you are in the right place. 

To Renew Your FAITH you must renew your MIND

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Intensive Faith Therapy
Vanessa Collins
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